Pet Damage

Are you a proud pet owner who is struggling to find a carpet repair business that can efficiently repair your pet damage issues? We can help you today.

We understand how hard pets are on carpet and we know the stress that pet owners undergo trying to keep their carpets from being destroyed by chewing, clawing or urine. We deal with this type of damage on a regular basis.

We fix your carpet by eliminating the damaged section of carpeting and seamlessly blending in a brand-new section. We accomplish this by using leftover remnant carpet that you might have around your property.

For pet urine damage, we use an enzyme-based deodorizer to break down urine at the molecular level completely. This will stop your pet from urinating in the same spot in the future.

You can expect the repair work performed by our carpet repair technicians to be done correctly because they are certified IICRC specialists who undergo year-round training to keep up with the latest carpet repair procedures.

Carpet Repair Pennsylvania is here to take care of all of your pet damage repair needs. Contact us today at (717) 899-1326 to schedule your appointment.