Berber Carpet Repair

Berber carpeting is famous for its durability, affordability, and variety of choice. It is this flexibility that has made Berber carpet so recognizable.

Berber carpet differs from the typical cut pile carpets that you may be used to seeing. Here is the difference between the two style of carpet.

A cut pile carpet is a carpet that has its loops cut whereas Berber carpet does not. The loops in Berber carpet allow spills to sit on top of the carpet instead of being absorbed into the carpet fibers.

This makes Berber an attractive option for homeowners with small children, but Berber does have a downside to it. The looped pile of a Berber carpet is known to be vulnerable to snagging by sharp objects.

If this has happened to you, this is the right time to call the Berber carpet repair professionals at Carpet Repair Richmond.

Our Berber carpet repair solutions are inexpensive, durable and invisible to the naked eye. If your Berber carpet has sustained minor damage, we weave in new fiber loops to repair the damage.

If your carpet has experienced considerable damage, we will remove the damaged section of carpet and section in a brand-new piece of Berber carpet.

Our Berber rug repair technicians possess the technical skills and knowledge to do the job correctly. Our Berber carpet repair specialists continuously improve their skills by receiving year-round training.

Carpet Repair Pennsylvania can take care of all of your Berber carpet repair needs. Contact us today at (717) 899-1326 to schedule your appointment.