Carpet to Tile Transition

Carpet that isn’t transitioned to tile correctly generally looks terrible and is hard to ignore for long. In addition to looking bad, you can damage your carpet as well. Our carpet to tile transition repair service will prevent this from happening.

We have many solutions that we may use to repair your carpet to tile transition problems.

Here are the most frequent repair solutions that we use for the majority of our clientele.

Tack Strips: Carpet that’s even with the tile will need re-stretching to fix the issue.

Rubber Reducers: This alternative is geared towards our industrial customers

Having an environment where litigation over a trip and fall accident is a possible, having these rubber reducers replaced quickly can save your business from a frivolous lawsuit. 

Transition Strips: We carry three styles, wood, metal, and rubber. These strips help create a smooth transition when there’s a height differential. We do not use this option often but may be appropriate for you based on our assessment.

Carpet Repair Pennsylvania is here to serve you. If you have questions about how our carpet to tile transition repair can benefit your carpet, please give us a call today at (717) 899-1326