Carpet Stretching

Does your carpet suffer from wrinkling and buckling?  This is a telltale indication of a carpet that’s come off the tack strip. When a carpet is not fastened to tack strips, it will shift and move around while you move on it.

This is how your carpet develops the ripples and wrinkles. If left untreated, your carpet will deteriorate to the point where it will have to be replaced. We are here to help you avoid this situation with our cost-effective carpet stretching solution.

We repair your carpet using a power stretcher. This tool gives us the power to stretch your carpet and secure it to the tack strips.

Our carpet stretching solution will solve your wrinkled carpet issue permanently while prolonging the service life of your carpet. After we have completed the repair, your carpet will look brand new.

You can trust our carpet repair technicians to get the job done promptly and with the utmost professionalism.

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